(Pocket-lint) - The face of pure evil has revealed itself and there's not a tail or set of horns in site. It's a website that texts spoilers for Game of Thrones to a chosen victim.

The horribly thought up Spoiled.io website specialises in ruining Game of Thrones. All you need to do, aside from being a horrible troll, is type in a phone number and the site will take care of the rest. This source of woe will send text messages directly to the number with reveals from the HBO TV show as soon as they're known.

The messages are sent anonymously so the troll responsible can hide like the coward he or she is. Head over to the site at your own risk if you want to see how it works, especially if you're not up to speed on Game of Thrones.

Is there any mercy in this site of pure evil? Yes. Anyone using it will not only have to confine their conscience to a rotting cage of doom but they will also have to pay 99c to use the site. Hopefully that, if not the whole being evil part, will put most people off using this site.

There you have it, you've been informed. So if you do get a message from an unknown number perhaps think twice before opening it if you're not yet up to speed on Game of Thrones.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.