(Pocket-lint) - Pure is a brand that has always been heavily associated with digital radios, and even though it has fingers in other pies too, its latest family of products fit into its more traditional category.

The Pure Pop range looks like a wireless speaker set-up but are a family of different sizes of digital radio that also throw in Bluetooth music streaming for good measure. The Pure Pop Mini, Pop Midi and Pop Maxi radios are so called because they feature a large button on the top that you can 'pop' in order to make tuning into channels more simple.

Many other digital radios, including some of Pure's most classic, have dedicated buttons settled within others for tuning into stations, but the Pop range each have controls centred on the large button on the roof. Just tap it and the radio turns on and automatically reverts to the previous station and volume.

Easy preset modes are also available and the radios are capable of receiving analogue FM channels as well as the digital stations in your region. Bluetooth connectivity means you can stream music from a smartphone or tablet through the speakers.

The Pop Maxi has stereo drivers, while the Mini and Midi are both mono and more portable.

They all take regular batteries or can be turned into rechargeable models through the addition of a Pure ChargePAK D1 optional extra.

The Pure Pop range is priced from £59.99 up to £99.99 and will be available to buy from normal Pure retailers and the Pure online shop. The Pure Pop Midi will be the first to hit the market in September and the rest will follow later this year.

Writing by Rik Henderson.