(Pocket-lint) - Pure has announced an enhancement to Caskeid, the sychronisation technology it uses in its Jongo wireless speaker system that will allow the system to be used with any music streaming service.

Bluetooth Caskeid will mean that users of Pure's Jongo system will be able to play any tune from well-known services such as Pandora, Rdio, Deezer and Spotify, but also lesser known apps like Madagascar radio.

According to Pure, there are 500 music services across 100 territories along with thousands of radio apps and the new service allows customers to play whichever service they prefer to multiple Jongo speakers.

Bluetooth Caskeid will deliver app content to multiple speakers using a combination of both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and the company claims the Jongo speakers will ensure the music is seamlessly delivered and sent to all the speakers in the group in sync.

Caskeid is developed by Pure's parent company and Pure claims the technology "delivers outstanding audiophile-quality stereo playback with less than 25µs synchronisation accuracy, providing a true 'Wi-Fi Hi-Fi' experience that is good enough to replace wires".

Nick Hucker, Pure's marketing director, says: "Jongo was designed with flexibility in mind and now we've taken this concept a huge step further with Bluetooth Caskeid, which brings the worlds' most accurate and advanced audio synchronisation technology to a much wider audience, giving them the choice to listen to whatever they want, in great quality throughout the home."

The Pure Bluetooth Caskeid feature is available to Android and iOS users now.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.