(Pocket-lint) - Pure is adopting Caskeid technology in order to open up the use of its Jongo wireless multiroom music system to all streaming applications.

Owners of Jongo speakers will be able to stream Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, Pandora or the like to one Jongo speaker via Bluetooth and the rest of the system will use the Caskeid tech to expand the experience to multiple Jongo speakers around the whole, which will play the audio simultaneously.

The new technology will use the home Wi-Fi network to communicate with other Jongo speakers, even though the user is sending the initial audio through Bluetooth. Pure is also to release a Caskeid App Developer Kit to allow music playback and radio application developers to add agnostic support for the system directly in their app. That way the audio can be played over Wi-Fi rather that Bluetooth at source too.

"We are not in the business of picking a winning music streaming service or radio app. Different services are right for different audiences. But we want to give our customers the most choice," said Nick Hucker, Pure's marketing director.

"Jongo was designed with flexibility in mind, which is why all Jongo speakers come with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. We've always used this flexibility to make sure all services can be played to a single Jongo speaker but now we are making the major step of extending this flexibility, via Bluetooth, to enable streaming of any music service or radio app to multiple Jongo speakers."

The new features are being demonstrated at CES in Las Vegas this week, and Android and iOS device users will be able to access them when it launches publicly in the first quarter.

Jongo speaker owners will also be pleased to learn that Pure is to release two ranges of new colours for the removable speaker grilles.

The two colour combinations are named "Neutral" and "Vibrant" and include more natural colours like goblin blue, comfrey, iron and travertine, and bright, bold hues, such as dazzling blue, radiant orchid, mango and cayenne.

Radiant orchid was designated the top colour of 2014 by pantone.

Each new speaker grille will be available from the end of January for £12.99.

Writing by Rik Henderson.