(Pocket-lint) - Pure has updated its Pure Connect iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android applications with the ability to wirelessly stream music stored on a computer to multiple connected speakers in its Jongo multiroom range.

The app has always featured wireless streaming to Jongo speakers of locally stored tracks, internet radio broadcasts and music played through the Pure Connect cloud service, but now you can also use it to access your own home library on a PC, Mac or network attached storage (NAS) drive.

It now puts the Jongo on a similar footing to Sonos or AirPlay speaker systems.

"Consumption of digital music is reaching a tipping point with more music fans consuming audio via digital files than physical formats and they increasingly want to be able to access their digital music collection wirelessly regardless of where it’s stored," said Nick Hucker, Pure's marketing director.

"This new update delivers that flexibility and will enable users to enjoy their music collection throughout their homes at the touch of a button."

You can download the Pure Connect app from iTunes and Google Play for iOS and Android respectively.

The Pure Connect streaming service is available in three packages: Pure Connect Green is free and offers streaming of internet radio stations and the ability to play music stored locally on smartphone and now computer or NAS drive; Pure Connect Blue costs £4.99 a month and adds unlimited music streaming of million of cloud-stored tracks; and Pure Connect Violet costs £9.99 a month and also adds offline listening.

Find out more at connect.pure.com.

Writing by Rik Henderson.