(Pocket-lint) - Pure today announced two new additions to its Jongo wireless multiroom speaker system. The Jongo T2 and the Jongo T4 join the T6 announced at CES 2013 and the Jongo S3 which launched last year.

The new speakers make up a family of devices, designed to make it simple and easy to establish a flexible wireless multiroom music system in your home. The speakers will all connect to your home Wi-Fi network, with control through the Pure Connect app on Android or iOS.

The Pure Jongo T2 is the new baby of the family at £129.99, perfect for smaller rooms and accommodating two 3-inch drivers, while the mid-sized Jongo T4 is designed for bigger sound from the two 4-inch drivers and is priced at £199.99. Both the new models sit beneath the Jongo T6 in terms of size, with the £299.99 model having a pair of 5.25-inch drivers, which is the obvious option if you're looking to fill a larger room with your music.

We had the chance to listen to all the new speakers today at the launch and we're impressed with the quality they deliver. We're also taken by the simplicity of the design, with the option to change the colour of the covers (from £12.99) to fit in with your room.


The new Jongo T speakers are designed to stand either horizontally or vertically, with the ability to tweak the sound profile accordingly using the Pure Connect app. If you choose to rotate the speaker, you'll also be able to spin the central Pure badge around, so you're not looking at the name sideways. Attention to detail is always impressive and we like the accessory stands, that will let you set the angle of the speaker to your liking.

Pure has also added a range of enhancements to the system through the Pure Connect app. You can now opt for stereo pairing, so if you have two T4 speakers, for example, you'll be able to set them up for discrete left and right delivery. It's incredibly simple, having had a play with the new app today at the London launch event.

The Jongo T speakers come with stereo pairing enabled; the Jongo S3 will receive a free software update to enable the functionality. As your room might not be perfect for stereo speakers, you'll be able to change the balance, as well as adjust the bass and treble through the app. The new app is available for iOS now, with Android coming very soon.


But that's not all. Pure Connect now offers expanded functionality, with a new tier added to its streaming service to compete with the likes of Spotify. For £9.99 a month, you'll get access to Pure's music streaming service, with the ability to cache tracks for offline access, as you can with Spotify premium.

You don't have to use the streaming service, as you'll be able to play music from your device, but currently there's no support for network storage.

The speakers also offer point-to-point Bluetooth connection for direct streaming, although opting for Bluetooth will mean you can't access some of the inherent benefits of Pure's system, but then you would be able to connect to music from other sources.

The Jongo T6 and the new Jongo T2 will be available next week, with the Jongo T4 available in the coming months.

Writing by Chris Hall.