Pure has launched the Evoke F4 DAB and internet radio which is capable of streaming wirelessly to other audio devices. Designed to work with Pure's Jongo multiroom system, the Evoke F4 can act as a digital radio hub for your home's audio set-up.

The F4 features both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can connect it to the internet for web-based radio playback as well as connecting your smartphone to stream audio. Jongo speakers can be hooked up via the Wi-Fi network.

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Designed to bring the best possible audio quality from a small speaker, the F4 follows the same sort of speaker design as Pure's Evoke Flow. It also works with the Pure Connect app and the Pure Music subscription service, which brings Spotify-style audio streaming directly to the radio.

Priced at £179.99, the Evoke F4 is due out in June. It will also ship with a set of optional matching stereo speaker and an extendable battery pack, priced £34.99 each.