Pure has launched another special-edition version of its Evoke Mio radio designed by Orla Kiely. It isn't the first time Pure has worked with the designer, releasing another version of the Mio back in 2010 with a floral print.

This Mio features a buttercup petal print that is signature to Orla Kiely. It looks rather good, we think. Called the Evoke Mio Striped Petal edition, it represents the third design collaboration with Kiely.

It retails for £149 and brings with it all the standard stuff you expect from a Evoke Mio, which is one of our favourite radios for the kitchen or bedroom.

This means an FM tuner, DAB radio, battery power in the form of an optional charge pack (£30) and a nice bright and clear OLED panel.

If the Orla Kiely version isn't your thing, there is plenty of other versions of the radio available. Looking back over our Mio coverage, we have lost count of the number of design collaborations and colourways this little radio has had.