Pure has rolled out a new speaker and app update that will bring multi-room audio capabilities to its products. Called the Jongo - or s340b for those who are fans of complex product names - the square wireless-capable speaker does some rather clever things.

It features 360-degree mono or stereo audio using a set of four tweeters and a top-mounted subwoofer. This means you can place the speaker in the centre of a room so, no matter what side of it you stand, you get a complete music experience.

The speaker can also be used in a stereo mode which takes up just two speakers, so it can be put on a bookshelf or in a corner of a room.

pure goes multi room with new jongo speaker and updated app image 2

Linked with the newly updated Pure Connect music app on iPad, due for release at the end of the month, the Jongo can be controlled via your iPad. You can either stream music to it over your Wi-Fi network or connect directly using Bluetooth. You can also set its volume level using the tablet, as well as that of other Jongo individual units you might have around the house.

The Jongo will come in a range of colours and cost £150 each, including a battery pack that lets it operate for 10 hours without power.

As for the app, it is due to land on iPhone and Android by the end of the year. For the meantime, it will be able to control only Jongo speakers. The speakers can also sync with other Pure devices that are Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capable - The One Flow, for example - meaning there is no need for an iPad. 

Expect to see the Jongo start  to appear in shops around the end of the month. It will be the first of a long range of Jongo wireless products from Pure, including a Hi-Fi adapter and larger, more powerful speakers.