(Pocket-lint) - Virgin and Strauss Water today announced a new partnership, aiming to "change the way people drink water at home". Two models of Virgin Pure water purifiers have been announced, the T6 and T7. 

"There are 10 million in the homes that do not use tap water," Branson told assembled media, explaining how a trip to Israel had inspired him to look at how to bring a domestic water system to the UK. 

In his sights are water purifiers and kettles, looking to replace both with one small domestic appliance: the Virgin Pure water purification system.

The system will filter water and offer both hot and cold options, so you can have chilled water on demand, without the worry of fetching a jug from the fridge, and get boiling water for a cup of tea, without the need for a kettle. 

A triple filtration system is in place, with a 2 micron filter offering 99 per cent chlorine reduction, in addition to a UV lamp system, which kills 99 per cent of bacteria without the use of chemicals. 

The filters will last six months and the UV lamp will last for 1 year, with replacements being delivered to your door when you need them.


As this is an installed system, you'll have to have it connected, but this is taken care of for you as part of the purchase cost.

The Virgin Pure T6 will cost you £299 and features a 1.6-litre water tank. It will deliver chilled water at 1.3 litres per minute. There is also a 1.4-litre hot water tank, with hot water being delivered at the same rate. 

The Virgin Pure T7 will set you back £379. It offers a faster rate of water flow, with a slight bump in power and a minimalist finish that hides the control panel away. 

In with the cost of the Virgin Pure system, you also get membership to the Water Club, which gives you 7-years on-site repair and replacement for your Virgin Pure water purifier. 

Ofra Strauss, chair of Strauss Group said: "We want to make water drinking into a truly enjoyable experience.".

The Virgin Pure water filtration system will be available exclusively through www.virgin-pure.com.

Would you consider a water purifier? Or is normal tap water good enough for you? Let us know in the comments below...

Writing by Chris Hall.