Pure has announced an upgrade to its best-selling DAB radio alarm clock, adding a new set of features and its new rebranded logo design. The Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 comes with an improved, large back-lit LED display, with a better viewing angle and light sensor than its predecessor.

There are now two dedicated keys for separate programmable alarms, with a choice of wake-up settings. Users can be woken by DAB or FM radio, or a simple tone. And there are adjustable day settings.

pure siesta mi series 2 dab radio alarm clock adds new display and alarm features image 2

The in-built speaker features a full-range 2.5-inch drive unit, while the mini radio alarm clock offers 1-Watt RMS of audio power. It can store eight digital and eight FM radio stations as pre-sets, and has a low-power standby mode.

In black or white, the Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 is available now for £34.99.