Pure has revealed its update to the Sensia; coming in the guise of the Sensia 200D Connect, this followup should deliver some upgraded performance on the older model which Pocket-lint found to be just a little off the mark.

In short, the radio uses Wi-Fi to allow users to stream a wide range of audio including a shed load of songs through Pure Music; music stored on a home computer or network storage device, as well as internet radio stations and digital and FM content.

And there should be an  improvement in performance over the older model, which, we hope, will come from the processor which ups the power and should make things that little bit zippier. This is especially important as the user interface, once a slightly clumsy affair, has been redesigned which will hopefully make accessing the radios online features easier. This coupled with the power boost should give the Sensia 200D Connect the edge it needs.

In terms of sound quality, the Sensia 200D Delivers 30W RMS of digital sound via DSP tuned high efficiency class-D amplifiers and in-house custom designed full-range speakers. And all, or most, of the radios main functions can be controlled through a bundles remote.

You won't have long to wait for this one: it should be on shelves within first quarter of 2012 and will come in black and white finishes for £249.99.