Pure's ever expanding radio wave has reached new shores, this time in the form of an Android app.

Building on the success of the iPhone app, Pure Lounge for Android gives you access to a wealth of internet radio content from around the world, on the go, with over 18,000 radio stations available to listen to live as well as listen again options, podcasts and, of course, the famous Pure Sounds.

The Lounge app taps into your existing account as well (should you have one) so there's no need to set up your favourite stations, or search for your podcasts, again as the app will let you access your menus from all of your web-connected Pure radios. If you're not all Lounged up already, it's free to set up an account.

Should you need to search for a new station then you can easily filter with station name, language, country, genre and sound quality.

As with any self-respecting app there's Facebook and Twitter integration, so you can share info with your buddies. Pure Music, the company's alternative to Spotify, will also hit the app once it goes live - giving you access to 15 million streamable tunes for £4.99 a month.

The app itself is free and is available in the Android Market now