Pure has unveiled its latest attempt to get on the road with you - the Pure Highway 300Di; a professionally installed car radio system that will help you with the jump from analogue to digital.

Rather than being a mere follow up to the original Pure Highway, the 300Di is a complete solution, rather than just an adapter, integrating not only your car radio, but USB media and your iPhone as well.

"Highway did its job very well," explained Colin Crawford, Pure's director of marketing at the 300Di launch at the London Transport Museum. "It's very much an end user, entry level, product but something much better than Highway is needed as we move toward a much more dramatic change with digital radio."

The system comes in three parts, which a trained engineer will have to fit for you. The upside to the professional install is that you should have a wireless experience at the end, with all the cables and mess hidden safely out of view.

The first part is the controller which is the part that will see the most action. It packs a OLED display with a Pure Evoke Flow-style neon yellow theme, along with backlit buttons and a rubber tuner dial.

pure highway 300di announced we go hands on image 3

The next part, the interface box, is the brains. It sits in your glove box, or your boot and takes its power from your car's battery. In turn, it then powers the rest of the 300Di setup as well as providing a USB input, an aux-in, an FM-in and, of course, a DAB-in. The USB port can be used to power and function your iPhone (with the controller acting as a dock-like interface) or you can use it for direct USB playback.

The final part is the active aerial which comprises of both internal and external parts and, Pure states, beats any DAB car aeries system currently available. It sits on a glass surface on you car and no holes need to be drilled.

Paul Smith, Pure’s general manager, said: “We have sold almost 4 million digital radios and we know that our customers love them.

"Highway 300Di lets them access the same great content and user experience in-car that they’ve come to know and love in their home. We are delighted that the country’s leading car audio retailer will be making Highway 300Di available to its customers; this is an important step forward for the sales of in-car digital radio adapters and will be a significant catalyst in helping digital radio switchover."

The Pure Highway 300Di is launching in Halfords in December. It will cost £179.99 and you'll get free installation thrown in. In March, it will go on general release and we're told installation will be around £25.