With PVRs becoming the norm people have gotten used to watching what they want, when they want and Pure thinks that the radio should be no different - hence the introduction of the Listen Later feature on its newly announced Pure One Classic Series II digital radio.

It's not watching though obviously, it's listening. So if you're keen for a bit of midnight Archers action then this could be the DAB radio for you.

Like your Sky+ box (other set top boxes are available) the record function has series link options, manually set by you for weekly, weekday, weekend arrangements and recordings can be 30 - 180 minutes in length depending on your favourite stations bit rate.

There's also plenty of other radio functions on board, including an FM radio, an alarm with sleep timer, a kitchen timer, pause and rewind options for digital radio, 30 station presets, Intellitext, textSCAN,  and also an aux-in for your PMP.

The Series II is also compatible with Pure's ChargePAK battery pack - or you can stick six C Cell batteries in for portable playback too.

Out now, the Pure One Classic Series II digital radio will cost you £64.99.