Is there a market for pocket DAB radios? Pure obviously thinks so as the digital radio specialist has announced the successor to the PocketDAB 1500 - the Pure Move 2500.

Packing both a DAB and a regular old fashioned FM one, the 2500 looks a bit like an iPod circa-2005 although Pure is stating that it packs "significantly improved audio" and "rich base" as a result of the silicone earbuds (with noise isolation) that it comes with.

Bass and treble controls are on board, and there is also room to store 10 of your favourite digital channels and 10 FM ones.

Playback time is around 14 hours thanks to the Lithium Ion battery and you can juice it up using the supplied USB lead.

Colin Crawford, Pure’s director of marketing said: "With our own noise isolating earphones, rechargeable battery, contemporary styling and simple controls, Move 2500 takes handheld radio listening to the next level. Move 2500 also supports all European digital radio formats, making it an ideal travel companion."

Out now, the Pure Move 2500 costs £89.99.