Pure has announced a foray into the world of micro hi-fi systems with the arrival of Sirocco 550.

Sirocco, in case you didn't know, is the name for the Mediterranean wind that comes from the Sahara - hence the breezy reference in the headline. Pocket-lint knows its stuff, okay - and what we don't know out old pal Wikipedia does.

Anyway, back to the Sirocco device, rather than the wind, and its a micro hi-fi that packs all the tech that you'd expect from Pure.

Internet radio, DAB radio and standard FM radio are all on board; as is access to Pure's online portal - The Lounge. There's also a CD player and an iPod dock built in too, plus a USB input, two Aux-in ports and composite-out.

The speakers have an output of 80W RMS of stereo sound with Pure's Clearsound on board too.

Priced at £349.99, the Pure Sirocco 550 is out now.