Pure Twilight: Nope it's not the latest soppy teenage vampire novel in the Twilight saga, it's an eco-friendly dawn simulator from the radio specialist.

On board, it packs both FM and DAB radio, but it's the energy efficient, touch sensitive lamp that's bound to get most of the attention.

In it, there are six LED lights (using just 5.4W), that can provide a plethora of illumination effects such as a warm nightlight, day break simulation, or even just some zentastic mood lighting.

You've also got Pure Sounds on board, if you want to go full-on new-age, with lullabies such as Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and Rock-a-bye Baby installed, as well as ambient sounds like wind chimes and cicadas.

There's aux-in so you can plug in your MP3 player, and there's also the Pure PowerPort for USB charging (although it doesn't have enough juice to charge an iPhone 4 or an iPad sadly).

If you suffer from SAD, or just fancy a radio with a few quirks then you can grab the Pure Twilight for £129.99. It's out now.