Revo has announced the arrival of its latest audio system - the Revo AXiS - that it hopes will give the Pure Sensia a run for its money.

Sure, it doesn't have the social networking apps of the Sensia, but it does combine a 3.5-inch TFT touchscreen with DAB, FM and internet radio, as well as throwing in an iPod dock, media streaming and connectivity for good measure.

Revo is also stating that the sound quality should be of a decent standard as well. It said the, "impressive audio clarity and bass response is delivered through the AXiS’ 8W class D amplifier and NXT patented ‘balanced-radiator’ loudspeaker technology which combines the performance attributes of an NXT flat panel speaker with the pistonic movement of a conventional loudspeaker, resulting in a high performance compact drive unit that can cover a wider range of frequencies".

As well as the iPod dock (which has been tested with iPhone 4) there is also aux-in if you're rocking a non-Apple MP3 device and for those that are, there is video composite out as well.

The Revo AXiS is available to pre-order now from AdvancedMP3Players for £199.99. Shipping will begin on 5 October.

So, how does it fair against the Pure Sensia? Keep your eyes firmly peeled to our reviews section in the coming weeks to find out.