Pocket-lint was on hand in central London for the launch of Pure's new cloud based music service FlowSongs, and therefore can confirm many details regarding the service that you may be wondering about.

So, here's the lowdown:

- The music you purchase is via the 7digital network and the prices that you pay for songs (79p - £1.29) are the same as the ones that you'd find on the site.

- The songs are streamed via your Lounge account and you can access your purchased tunes on as many compatible Pure radios as you want.

- The radios that will have access are the Avanti Flow, the Evoke Flow, the Oasis Flow, the Siesta Flow and the Sensia.

- If you already own one of these radios then you'll get a firmware update message as soon as the service is ready to go live.

- You can tag songs via DAB radio, FM radio or internet radio.

- Downloads are DRM-free MP3s and the "vast majority" should be 320kbps.

- You can download your purchased MP3 up to five times.

- The analysing and tagging of songs is done by Shazam, and you can also keep a record of tagged music if it isn't available for download.

- The £2.99 yearly fee (after an initial 90 day trial) is to pay for the Shazam service, a Pure employee confirmed.

- The launch is exclusive to the UK, although Colin Crawford did state that the aim was to eventually launch in "as many territories as possible" in the near future.

- As well as bigging up the new service, Crawford was also keen to stress that this was just an initial launch for Pure and that FlowSongs was just "the first service of a number of services".

- The service goes live on 16 August.

So, you've got all the facts now, stay tuned to Pocket-lint for a full-review of the service in the near future. In the meantime, check out our guide to the devices it will work on and what we think of them.