Pure has launched its new cloud-based music service in the UK calling it FlowSongs.

"FlowSongs is a unique new service which you can use to identify tracks on any radio station and buy them in high-quality MP3 format directly from any PURE radio with Flow technology", reads the blurb on the new site, which has just gone live.

FlowSongs is currently exclusive to UK customers as a public beta.

The service will let you listen until you hear a track you like, before giving you the option to buy it there and then.

"FlowSongs works on any digital, FM, or internet radio station. If you hear a track you like, just select the 'Flow' or ‘FlowSongs’ option on your radio", claims Pure.

"FlowSongs identifies the track and shows you the artist, album and price. All you need to do is choose 'Buy', then enter your optional four digit PIN to confirm the purchase. Tracks are individually priced, usually between 79p and £1.29 depending on publisher".

Once you’ve bought a track it’s immediately available to stream to all Pure Flow radios, or you can download them to your computer.

Your tracks are stored securely online so you can rest assured that once you've bought something it's always there for you to enjoy.

FlowSongs will cost £2.99 a year to run on top of the 79p cost of the music tracks.

It will work with all Flow labelled products from the company.