The Pure Evoke Marshall radio is back for an encore. After 4 years of the crowd crying out for more when the first limited edition model came out, the black, vinyl clad, brass-effect  twist on the award-winning Pure Evoke 1-S is taking centre stage once again.

£119.99 of your hard-earned,will buy you a solid wood, Marshall amp made and approved cabinet complete with an integrated, full range hi-fi speaker with custom designed 3-inch driver, active filters and bass reflex port for that genuine rock god sound. Sadly, of course, you'll only be getting that in mono unless you pick up the rather cute mini-Marshall amp auxiliary speaker for an additional £34.99.

The improvements to the last Pure Evoke Marshall are that this one comes with an OLED display, an aux input for adding your MP3 player, an FM radio with RDS and now support for all Profile 1 digital standards - DAB, DAB+ and DAB-R - so you can use it in France, Germany and most of Europe as well.

the pure evoke 1s marshall goes to 11 in 2010 image 4

On top of that, there's also the addition of the Pure ChargePak - the same as the one you can pick up as an optional extra with the standard Pure Evoke-1S. It charges up by mains power and makes you completely portable for the best part of the day.

“We sat there looking at all the figures, the spreadsheets and doing all the sums”, said Pure general manager, Paul Smith, “and then threw them all away and just asked Marshall if they fancied making another Evoke radio together. Fortunately, they were just as keen”.

The Pure Evoke-1S Marshall is out exclusively with HMV from the middle of August, but will open out to other stores within a couple of weeks. It's made with as many genuine Marshall bits and pieces as the makers could get their hands on and, before you ask, yes, it still goes to 11.