(Pocket-lint) - Pure, getting ready for the summer, has launched an update to its Oasis model adding in internet radio capabilities alongside DAB all in a rugged case.

The Oasis Flow, as it will be known, will cost £169.99 and, says Pure, "is ideal for the bathroom, the beach, the garden, DIY, boating, BBQs and any other outdoor scenario".

That ruggedness isn't tough enough to withstand a beating from a 6 year old with a piñata bat, but it is enough to withstand the odd knock and bump while being left out in the rain, while you quickly drag other, more important, things inside - like those burnt sausages you've been grilling.

Rugged in this case means a splash resistant case, waterproof vents, durable cast aluminium framework and rubber seals.

Get past the design and you'll get DAB, FM, and internet radio options as well as aux in, with all the benefits those features bring.

The radio comes with a rechargeable battery so you aren't restricted by the length of a power cord, and it sounds pretty good too thanks to the large speaker set front and forward.

There is also an input for an iPod/MP3 player or PURE’s i-10 universal iPod dock so the Oasis Flow can also be used as a portable iPod speaker.
And yes, like other Pure radios in the range, this one comes with PURE Lounge and therefore PURE Sounds, a library of over 100 sounds designed to allow the listener to set the perfect mood or even help their child go to sleep. That might not seem that great now, but word on the street is that Pure is about to launch its own music download service, presumably through its lounge offering, making this one feature that is likely to get better. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.