Nigh-on all in Pure's range of digital (DAB) radios have been officially certified for bathroom use by Intertek Test Labs, a world leader in electrical product safety testing. That means that the ONE Mini, ONE Elite, ONE Classic and Move can all be safely used in the bath or shower room when powered by batteries or the company's own proprietary recharge pack.

You can't, obviously, power them from the mains - water and electricity are not happy bedfellows - but the moisture in the air won't damage your radio.

Robert Hennessy, buyer, audio & telecoms, John Lewis, welcomes the announcement as there are scant few bathroom-ready radios at present: “Our customers have given us consistent feedback that they would like to find more bathroom radios in-store," he says. "So it is great news that four of our most popular radios can now be used safely in the bathroom.”

The range will now sport a rubber duck icon, to show off their bathroom-readiness. And we wonder if this is the start of a new trend: A wooden spoon for kitchen use? A pillow for the bedroom? And, as for the toilet...