(Pocket-lint) - With the world of Alexa expanding, it's no longer what your device does on day one that's important - it's how it develops. With Polk confirming that its Command Bar now supports Alexa's multi-room music, a new wave of convenience is unlocked.

The Polk Command Bar was one of the first soundbars to launch with Alexa capabilities built-in. The announcement was slightly over shadowed by the announcement of the new Sonos Beam in the same launch window - but Polk is now adding another level of connectivity.

Supporting multi-room music means that you'll be able to group the Polk Command Bar with Alexa speakers to form a grouping - and play your music across the whole group. This was something that was announced at the launch of third-party support for multi-room music and has been early awaited by customers. 

One of the things that makes the Command Bar slightly different to other soundbars that work with Alexa is that it has a built-in microphone - essentially it has an Echo Dot included - while some other bars just work with Alexa, meaning you'd be able to control them with a separate Echo device.

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As for the Sonos Beam, it's questionable whether Sonos will move to support Amazon multi-room music. Sonos was built on its own proprietary networking platform and if you have other Sonos speakers you arguably don't need MRM; it also supports AirPlay 2, meaning Apple users have another networking option already. 

Users are reporting that the update has already landed, so you should be good to go.

Writing by Chris Hall. Editing by Adrian Willings.