Philips has launched a range of new iPod speaker docks for Apple's iPhone and iPod range.

The flagship model will be the Philips DC910 Docking Entertainment System. The new iPod speaker dock DC910 both plays and charges iPod devices when docked, and also features USB Direct & SD card slots for MP3/WMA playback. There is 30W RMS power output, backed up with dual wOOx loudspeakers and it will come with a remote control for the lazy.

The Philips DC570 Docking Entertainment System will offer 100W RMS sound output through its 2.1 speaker system with built-in subwoofer. It will also charge your iPod, feature an all-in-one remote control for the system and iPod, and digital tuning for 40 preset stations.

The Philips BTM630 Micro HiFi system will be a Bluetooth-enabled speaker that also features a CD player. Philips say the system plays and charges iPod devices with its integrated dock, and can play MP3 or WMA music from a SD or MMC card. Thanks to the SD slot the BTM630 also promises MP3 recording in 2x speed without the need for a PC. Sound comes from a 30W RMS speaker with Dynamic Bass Boost.

The Philips DC185 Docking Entertainment System offers USB connection for MP3/WMA music playback and a FM digital tuner. Sound is delivered through 4W RMS power speaker and Dynamic Bass Boost.

At the bottom of the list Philips has also launched the Philips DC200 Docking Entertainment System and the Philips DC1010 Docking Entertainment System.