Philips has launched a new range of products into its Streamium wireless music offerings in the UK including the Philips WACS7500 core hub with its WAS7500 satellites, the WAS6050 wireless music station, and the Philips NP1100 network player.

Although announced at CES in Las Vegas earlier in the year, the new models are finally hitting the UK next month.

The Philips WACS7500 is the new "flagship" Streamium hub while the WAS7500 satellite extenders are described as the right choice for people with extensive CD collections and numerous MP3 files saved on their PCs.

The WACS7500's 80GB hard disk drive (half the size of the iPod classic) can hold about 1500 CDs. Through a Wi-Fi connection, the WACS7500 center will automatically search and connect WAS7500 satellites to itself.

The Streamium range features an Ethernet PC connection meaning consumers can backup the system's hard disk, upgrade features or download music tracks direct from a PC.

The "chic and transportable" WAS6050 Wireless Music Station has been designed for smaller rooms such as the kitchen or the bedroom and can function either as a satellite to the WACS7500 or on its own.

Consumers can tune into internet radio, connect to a PC and wirelessly stream music between the WACS7500 and other satellite stations.

For those looking to stream music from their PCs and play these digital tracks through traditional Hi-Fi systems, the new Philips NP1100 network player claims to provide a simple and cost effective solution.

The NP1100 wirelessly connects to a PC and lets consumers enjoy digital music, internet radio and music services. It also features a large screen and a remote control to quickly find and play desired audio content.

Pricing and availability all TBC.