Philips Wireless Music Systems combine flexibility and simplicity. Whether you are looking for an integrated system that follows you around your home, or a central system that collects all your music in one place, they all come with outstanding sound quality - matched by a superb iconic design.

Enjoy all your music in every room!

With the Streamium Wireless Music System you can fill any - or every - room in your home with all your music. No cables or hassles. You can stream your music directly from the Center to up to 5 different Wireless Music Stations! No more tussles with family members over music choices. You select your favourite music. Plus with "My Music Follows Me" the same music will continue playing in whichever room that you're currently in! Stream your music everywhere!

Stream, dock and play

With the Streamium Wireless Music System you can easily connect all your different sources to one Music Center. Now you have easily access to all your favourite music! Easily connect your PC, store your CDs to the 80GB hard disk, connect your iPod or USB stick and listen to FM radio.

With WiFi technology you can easily stream music files from your computer to the Music Center. Just drag and drop files from your PC to the Music Center and listen directly. No more waiting, enjoy your favourite music directly! Connect all your music!