Philips is launching seven docking systems for Apple's iPod and their own range of Go Gear MP3 players.

Philips claims that the new range covers just about every portable and home application from alarm clock to portable CD/Radio through to full home micro-systems, and we think we'd have to agree...

All seven docks incorporate "play-and-charge" functionality and come with a remote control, play back MP3 and WMA files,
and feature a digital tuner.

So, here's the run down of those seven models with product highlights only info as supplied by Philips:

The compact AJ300D (£69.99) is designed for the bedroom and has a dual wake-up alarm so you can wake to radio, thanks to the tuner, or to music from your iPod or Go Gear jukebox. You get five preset buttons and five speakers.

The DCM230 (£199.99) can dock the iPod and the Go Gear range but also features USB Direct so you can connect other portable music players via the USB port and listen via the 2x15W of output power.

The DC199 (£139.99) is a 2.1 docking station system offering a digital tuner and a built-in subwoofer containing a 4-inch driver for improved bass and an extended sound spectrum. The twin satellite speakers have metal drivers and neodynium magnets to promise good quality sound.

The DC1000 (free with WACS7000) is designed to work with the Philips WAC7000, their multi-room Wi-Fi audio system, the DC1000 means you can connect an iPod or Go Gear jukebox to the WAC7000 centre system.

The MCM138D (£89.99) and MCM398D (£139.99) are docking systems that are potential replacements for micro or mini stereo systems aimed at anyone who has taken their music collection digital.

They both feature separate cradles for charging and playing back music from iPods or Go Gear models and can playback MP3, WMA CD and CD-RW files.

The MCM138D (the white cube design) has three equal size components - the main body houses the CD player, tuner, an LCD display and 2x 2W RMS amplifier with Dynamic Bass Boost, while the two separate bass-reflex speakers have 3.5-inch drivers that should deliver strong bass performance.

The MCM398D micro system is more powerful and delivers an 2X50W RMS performance via two-way bass reflex speakers featuring a 4-inch woofer and a Piezo tweeter.

Finally - the AZ1330D (£99.99) is a portable CD/radio with an integral iPod dock, a motorized CD loader, digital tuner with presets, remote control and pumps out a 2 x 4W RMS sound output through a bass reflex system with Dynamic Bass Boost.

All are available throughout July.