Philips has announced that it will be adding a wireless alarm clock to its connected home range offering users the chance to stream music to the bedroom.

The new model, which will go under the moniker WAK3300 and be apart of the company's streamium range will sport an alarm clock and the ability to receive music from the company's WACS700 model.

Users will be able to wake up to music stored on the systems central unit, as well as access music stored on the central units hard drive.

Details of the new alarm clock are still sketchy and its not clear whether or not the unit will include its own radio, analogue or digital if you fancy a change from your own music collection.

Philips has yet to set a price or a launch date for the new product.

In other streamium news, Philips has also announced that it has increased the size of the hard drive in the WACS700 from 40GB to 80GB.

We will keep you posted.