Philips is hoping to liberate your PC music collection with its new ‘Plug n Play' SLA5520i wireless audio link.

Expanding its family of Connected Planet products, the SLA5520i wireless audio link will wirelessly stream digital music stored on a PC to a Hi-Fi elsewhere in the home using an 802.11g (Wi-Fi) connection similar to Apple Airport Express with AirTunes system, however with the added bonus of being able to send internet radio as well.

The SLA5520i easily integrates a Hi-Fi or music system into your wireless network and uses UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) protocol, ensuring it always connects with other UPnP devices.

The unit supports MP3, WMA and protected WMA-DRM music purchased online, which can all be stored on the PC and streamed to a music system and connects direct to a music system using analogue phono cables. It features a crisp blue LCD display enabling simple navigation.

Furthermore, the device is fully upgradeable with new features, formats and services, all automatically downloaded from the Internet over a Broadband connection.

The SLA5520i is available in stores now and should cost £99.