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(Pocket-lint) - Philips has collaborated with DJ Armin van Buuren to create an iPad dock with mixing decks that is designed to be "accessible for everybody".

The Philips M1X-DJ links with an iPad and the djay 2 app from Algoriddim, to provide both the sound system and mixing pads required to learn and enhance your DJ skills. It has both Apple Lightning and Bluetooth connectivity.

Its speakers can output 80-Watts of power and the platters are claimed to be professional grade. There are also cross faders and other controls.

There are multiple inputs and outputs so you can even hook it up to a bigger stereo or club PA system. Its Bluetooth connectivity even means you can play music through it by connecting any Bluetooth-enabled device, not just an iPad.

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Although it is best suited to the iPad, it also supports the iPhone 5 running the djay 2 app.

"Fans often ask me what equipment they should buy when they want to start mixing themselves," said van Buuren. “A lot of kit can be expensive, so with the M1X I wanted to create something that’s accessible for everybody.

"The other great thing about the M1X is that you can play it wherever you want, whether that’s the beach, the park or your street: it’s the ghettoblaster reinvented for today."

The Philips M1X-DJ sound system will be available from November for 399.95 euros (£338).

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 5 September 2013.