A smaller version of the Philips Original Radio has appeared on the Philips UK website. Called the Philips Original Radio Mini, it continues the lovely retro styling of the big brother launched at IFA 2012, in a more compact package.

The Philips Original Radio Mini comes in several different versions. There's a docking model going under the code number ORD2100, which gives you a 30-pin dock (the old style) on the top for your iPod or iPhone.

Then there's a non-docking version, the ORT2300, which offers Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream your music from another device. 

Finally, there's the basic model, the OR2200 that just offers the basic DAB+ and FM radio functionality, which is also present in the other two.

With an eye on that spot on your kitchen worktop, the Philips Original Radio Mini features a timer so you don’t burn that loaf in the oven, with up to 20 preset stations for both DAB and FM on offer.

philips original radio mini gives you that retro philetta fix compact package image 2

It's the design that we like, however, with that Philetta Bakelite-esque look shared by the existing model. Here, however, you have a round LCD display on the front that's reminiscent ofthe sort of large tuning dial older radios used to offer.

The Philips Original Radio Mini measures 245 x 123 x 122mm and weighs a reassuring 1.1kg, although the docking model is listed as being slightly larger. It houses a single "Bass Reflex" speaker, so while it's unlikely to appeal to audiophiles, it will probably fill your kitchen with the sweet sounds of Classic FM with no problem.

There's been no official launch announcement made by Philips for the UK, but two models, the ODT2300 and OR2200, are listed on the UK website. Talking to a Philips representative at the CU Exposed tech show in London on Tuesday, the spokesperson suggested they'd be hitting the shelves in June 2013. 

There's no word on pricing, but the ORT2300 is listed at €129.99 (£110) in various European retailers.

The Philips Original Radio Mini with dock is listed at a suspiciously cheap $99.99 (£66) in the US, where it has been available through Best Buy for a few months. At the moment it doesn't appear that it's coming to the UK.