Philips at IFA 2012 was always going to be a slightly odd one, what with the company handing over the keys to its television manufacturing name to TP Vision. Naturally, we did get a few a sets thrown in but the growing focus from the Dutch engineers was in the audio space. What we hadn't ordered was a British celebrity chef.

Philips started with radio back in 1927, but it's most classic radio is the Philetta 254, released in 1955. So, funnily enough, the Royal Dutch thought it might be an idea to make an update what with a rather large retro trend running through consumer technology.

The Philips Original Radio picks up on the design of the Philetta, with the same sexy knobs, highlighting detail across the front and curve to the body and there'll be all sorts of options in the way of DAB+, FM radio and iPhone docks; just no Wi-Fi model, sadly. Under the skin you'll find two 10W speakers and a nice warm sound, but do take a look at our lovely photos of the this gorgeous machine as we took a preview of the Philips Original Radio.

Audio seems to be the main focus of Philips right now with the Fidelio range at the very peak of what the company has to offer. As such, we were rather thrilled to see the addition of the Philips Fidelio P8 and P9 Portable Speakers, all crafted from wood and metal and wrapped up in a leather case. Both speakers offer Bluetooth connection, as well as a USB socket, so you can charge your phone or MP3 player. The internal battery will offer you eight hours of tunes on the move and the sound quality is both rich and brassy which, unfortunately, you can't appreciate from our Philips Fidelio Portable Speaker preview and hands-on.

Of course, if you'd like your audio a touch more personal, then don't forget about the Philips Fidelio X1 headphones designed for home stereo use. Apparently benefiting from use with a large amplifier, these 50mm neodymium driver-canns sit alongside the Fidelio L1 and M1 sets brought out by Philips in the last 12 months. No price just yet but X sounds expensive.

Having said it was all about audio, Philips, or TP Vision, really - the company that now makes Philips televisions - announced an update on the already fairly incredible Philips 9000 series TVs with its so-called Moth Eye Filter.

The new model will offer the company's three-sided Ambilight Spectra XL technology, come in 46 and 60-inch versions and be named the Philips 46PFL9707 and Philips 60PFL9607. They include Micro Dimming Premium for excellent contrast and vivid colours, Flicker Free 3D for a flicker free Full HD 3D experience, and a 1200Hz PMR motion picture enhancement for superb motion sharpness but you'd better read the full spec to get yourself really salivating.

For something rather more style based, the company also announced that frames were a thing of yesteryear by ripping what was already left off for their frameless Philips 6900 Smart TV known as the Philips PFL6900. There are 42 and 47-inch models and specs include include 600Hz Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) four HDMI and three USB ports and Wi-Fi connectivity as standard.

The Philips HomeCooker designed by Jamie Oliver made something of a stir as well as a chop, steam and saut√©, when it turned out that the TV chef himself was in Berlin for the demo. The Philips HomeCooker HR1050 and HR1040 - one comes with a cutting tower - have autostir functionality, multiple cooking activities, PerfectTemp technology to ensure temperature settings (between 40C and 250C) are maintained, and there's a Quickset timer for up to 99 minutes.

But, if chips and tempura are all you're interested in, then you'll be pleased to hear that the company has launched its Philips Avance Airfyer XL fresh from the success of the first model. It uses Rapid Air technology, less oil than ever before and 50 per cent more space than last time.

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