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(Pocket-lint) - Philips started with radio back in 1927, but it's most classic radio is the Philetta 254, released in 1955. Not one to ignore the retro trend, Philips has released the Philips Original Radio at IFA 2012, and we've laid our eyes on it, and lent it our eyes. 

The Philips Original Radio picks up on the design of the Philetta, with the same sexy knobs, highlighting detail across the front and curve to the body.

But this is bang up to date when it comes to technology. There will be various options available (and different models for different countries) with the option to have an iPhone dock, or not. DAB+ and FM radio will be available.

We'd like to have seen streaming, Wi-Fi connectivity and so on, but when it looks this good, it's hard to complain.

Under the skin you'll find two 10W speakers and from what we've heard from a docked iPhone, it will give you a nice warm sound.

But it's the look and feel we're really taken with. The knobs feel solid with a nice action, a quality feeling that's all to often missing.

Pocket-lintphilips original radio pictures and hands on image 7

It's also great to look at from behind. We're not being crude, but take a time to gaze at the wonderful backside of this radio. Philips has also been smart enough, or sensitive enough, to brand this radio on the rear, rather than spoil the gorgeous looks from the front.

Simple, elegant, wonderfully designed: who said radio was dead?

Prices and UK availability are yet to be confirmed, but we've been told it will be available from €199 in Europe and should be in stores in time for Christmas.

Writing by Chris Hall.