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(Pocket-lint) - Philips has announced a cool portable speaker as an extension of its Fidelio premium audio line. Known simply as the Philips Fidelio Portable Speaker, with two models the P8 and P9, the Bluetooth speakers were unveiled at IFA 2012.

Philips has been focusing on design recently and the understated simplicity of the Fidelio Portable Speaker gives it a retro cool look, with the controls running across the top.

Constructed with wood, metal and wrapped lovingly in a leather case, it feels solid in the hand and it smells great too. What, you don't smell your gadgets? Shame on you.

The Fidelio brand is known for its high-quality audio performance and from the sample tunes we listened to on the Philips stand, this is a speaker that will add that certain something to a picnic or party, with nice rich bass tones.

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Of course, we can't fully judge the performance in such an environment, but we'll be keen to see how it stands against something like the Jawbone Big Jambox.

The difference between the P8 and P9 models is that the latter model features a crossover filter to enhance tonal balance and soft dome tweeters to handle high tones, so provides the more premium audio performance. The P8 also lacks the leather cover.

Both speakers offer Bluetooth connection, as well as a USB socket, so you can charge your phone or MP3 player. The internal battery will offer you eight hours of tunes on the move.

Writing by Chris Hall.