Philips has unveiled two new portable speakers as part of its Fidelio range, at the IFA event in Berlin. The speakers consist of the P8 and P9 Fidelio Portable Speakers, the latter being the higher-end of the two.

Made from a combination of wood and metal, both speakers utilise woofer drivers and Philips' wOOx technology. However, where the P9 improves on the P8 is with its cross-over filter. This ensures low and mid tones are played through the woofers while any higher frequency audio is filtered through the soft dome tweeters for a clearer sound.

The Philips P9 also has a leather cover that can be tilted to alter the sound, while closing it completely will turn the speakers off.

Both the Philips P8 and P9 speakers are compatible with other Bluetooth devices and consumers can also plug in their smartphones via the USB port to receive a boost to their handset's battery. It's powered by a li-ion battery, and Philips says we can expect up to eight hours of music playback with battery levels visible via a touch sensor.

No word on pricing or availability just yet, but be sure to check out our hands-on coming soon.