Philips is to debut a new set of Android specific accessories at this year's CES including headsets, Wi-Fi powered multimedia players and even protective cases.

The company is aiming to be the first ever to offer proper made for Android accessories, as opposed to the iPhone and iPad-centric products. It means owners of handsets like the Galaxy S II and the Motorola RAZR will have a proper set of decent audio products that link up easily with their smartphones. 

A full set of in-ear, headband, earphone and earhook headsets will be demoed at CES as will GoGear connect touch screen MP4 players. The latter will be powered by Android 2.4, signalling Philip's first foray into the operating system. 

Fidelio docking speakers are also due to arrive on Android. Using the Fidelio and Songbird app you will be able to stream and sync music between PC, device and player. Bluetooth is also thrown in for good measure allowing wireless listening from your Android device.

The cases Philips is set to offer are built for HTC devices, which they haven't announced specifics of yet. They are designed to dissipate shock and allow easy docking while keeping your phone scratch free. 

Philips is also to put out an Android streaming capable Soundbar which uses DLNA to let you push content from your device to the speaker. There is also built in Wi-Fi to help share content should your phone not have DLNA. 

Expect more on the Philips range once we get a chance to play with them at CES. 

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