Not content with success in the docking space, Philips has brought the Fidelio brand to personal audio with the announcement of the Philips Fidelio L1 headphones at IFA 2011.

These semi-open backed, high-end, on-ear headphones - priced somewhere in the £250 area - were designed and certified by the Philips Golden Ears panel of audio specialists who are probably less interesting looking than their title makes them sound.

The L1s come with 40mm, high definition, neodymium drivers in the cups, the like of which have become a signature part of Fidelio products. Surrounding them are aluminium shells to minimise resonance and vibrations and all spaces within are packed with acoustic-resistant fibres to keep all the sound exactly where it should be.

The band and outer are finsihed in soft leather, as you might expect, but the icing on the cake for comfort is the memory foam cushions designed to mold to your ears. More on availability when we get it.

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