When we say that Philips is thinking outside the box when it comes to the tweeters for the Streamium MCI900 we mean it literally.

Instead of being encased within the speakers, the tweeters sit on top of the speaker boxes - mounted on a rigid, sonically inert arm and are encased within their own aluminium enclosure.

The result is, according to Philips a solution that "frees the tweeters from any interaction, vibrations or standing waves - with the cabinet or refraction caused by sound waves reaching the edge of a baffle".

The result is, according to us, a couple of speakers that look like they've got antennas. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It's just...different.

Apart from the unique tweeter design, you're looking at a high-end hi-fi system, with a 3.5-inch colour display that displays album artwork and track info. It can play CDs and DVDs and has a 160GB HDD for all of your digital media.

There's also Wi-Fi (802.11n) built in, as well as an Ethernet connection. You can also transfer data via its USB connection. HDMI out means the best possible picture for your DVDs

The MCI900 has a ‘D’ digital amplifier that provides 50W per channel sound. The digital amp is partnered with a 24-bit DAC to improve noise ratio to more than 100Db.

The Philips Streamium MCI900 is out now and will cost you £999.