Philips has unleashed its latest high end iPod/iPhone dock, the Fidelio DS9000, aimed squarely at the sorts of music fan who can discern a 320kbps MP3 from a 256kbps one. In fact, its target audience would probably spit in the face of an MP3 and instead opt for a lossless format.

The Philips Fidelio DS9000 promises to deliver "all voices and instruments...naturally and accurately, free from coloration or distortion".

The dock is a Vaneer Laminated one - which means 12mm lacquered ply wood bended into place for your non-furniture material experts out there.

The shape and sturdiness of the DS9000 means that sounds are more evenly distributed and there should be minimal vibration as well.

The DS9000 accepts the digital signal directly from your iPod or iPhone using Philips' PureDigital technology. This means a better signal-to-noise ratio meaning your tunes aren't compromised.

There's two 1-inch low distortion drivers with dual ring-radiator diaphragm tweeters made from silk and copper clad aluwire to give light weight and fast, accurate response. There's also two 4-inch inverted dome woofers which give a high bass output and an audiophile grade passive crossover ensuring that only the relevant frequencies are sent to the drivers.

The dock also features an alarm clock and a proximity sensor so the controls come to life when you're near it. But if you're too lazy to get up you can always use the remote that comes with it.

It's a beautiful looking dock and it has some high-tech on board, hence the price tag of almost £400. It's out now.