In Barcelona, Philips has announced a new iPod Dock, the Fidelio DS9000. It's a premium product with a premium price, combining wood, metal, and fabric into a rather delightful enclosure. That's useless, though, if it doesn't sound good.

But Philips reckons that it does, thanks to audiophile-quality drivers, isolated acoustic chambers for each speaker with 12mm thick walls, bass management technology and PureDigital sound processing. There's a passive crossover design, and each channel combines a midrange driver and a tweeter.

It'll pump out 100W of power, and control is via a backlit control panel that activates via a proximity sensor. There's also a remote control, if you prefer to stay on the sofa. It'll dock any iPhone or iPod, and there's a dedicated app available on the App Store which provides extra functionality.

No word on pricing or availability unfortunately, but as soon as we hear from the company, we'll let you know.