In Barcelona in Spain, Philips has just announced a SoundBar home theatre device. It virtualizes surround sound, meaning that it employs clever psycho-acoustical tricks with delay and bouncing noise off walls to create the illusion of 5.1 surround using just a few speakers positioned in front of you.

The SoundBar offers DTS-HD and Dolby True HD, and is designed for TVs 40 inches across or larger. It offers Blu-ray disc playback, and it's got DLNA support for streaming content from your computer across your network. To get on that network, you can either plug in an Ethernet cable, or buy Philips' Wi-Fi adaptor and stick it in one of the USB ports on the device.

Philips NET TV service is included, allowing you to access a bunch of online sources of content, and the whole thing uses just 0.3W when placed in standby mode. It outputs in 1080p HD, and has a brushed aluminium design that hopefully won't look out of place, unless you own one of these.

We don't have any pricing or availability details, but as soon as we hear anything on that subject we'll let you know.