Parrot has announced the launch of Parrot PARTY Black Edition, what they claim is the first commercialised speaker system to integrate Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

Where in the past pairing phones with Bluetooth devices has involved navigating menus, the Parrot PARTY Black Edition's NFC technology allows pairing simply by touching the phone to the speaker system.

As well as the NFC technology the PARTY Black Edition includes a built-in Class-D amplifier and two drivers with a total power output of 6 Watts.

The PARTY Black Edition also boasts Parrot's Stereo Widening that claims to give the music a surround sound effect and Virtual SuperBass that "reinforces" the bass frequencies.

Weighing 650 grams, the rechargable battery life comes in at eight hours and the system can also be run off the mains.

The Parrot PARTY Black Edition will be available in the summer 2008 for £79.00.