Parrot has launched the Parrot DS1120 an all-new "high-fidelity" set of two wireless stereo hi-fi speakers that work seamlessly with your mobile phone or MP3 player.

Packed in compact design, it plays your favourite tracks from any Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) music source and boasts touch sensitive buttons.

The Parrot DS1120 has a Class-D digital amplifier in each speaker with a total power output of 30W RMS, which Parrot claims means it delivers crystal-clear sound with the necessary punch.

If the audio source device does not have Bluetooth technology nor support the A2DP profile, you can still play your music wirelessly by using a Bluetooth 2.0. USB Parrot dongle included with the Parrot DS1120 or in the traditional way by simply connecting your music source via an RCA auxiliary line which is also included.

The Parrot DS1120 will be available worldwide in stores from October 2007 onwards and will be available for around £139.99.