Parrot's second new product unveiled at CES is the CONFERENCE wireless speakerphone.

This monster of a desktop device can store up to 6000 contacts that can be loaded automatically via Bluetooth from mobile phones, PDAs, and laptops.

It features a colour display on which you can navigate through menus, settings, and phone lists, and can handle up 50 phones at one time.

The speakerphone can be set up for hands-free calling via voice-activated controls, while a digital keypad allows for manual dialing if required.

It's equipped with three sensitive microphones that pick up through 360 degrees around the device, while a 5W speaker ensures that the entire table can hear the conversation.

The wireless device is powered by rechargeable Li-ion batteries that last for up to 5 hours of talk time, so that it can be moved from room to room easily.

It also features an integrated Skype interface, although other VoIP providers can also be used.

On sale now, CONFERENCE costs £148.