French acoustic equipment manufacturer Elipson teamed up with Parrot, the Bluetooth specialists to redesign their 70s-era speakers, the Elipson Planets, for the digital age.

The speakers receive and broadcast music from tunes, amplifiers, and all A2DP Bluetooth sources, including PCs, MP3 players, and mobile phones.

Each Planet speaker is equipped with its own amplifier so it optimises the music streams, and both speakers offer a two way 60W bass reflex sound image per channel and a frequency range of 40-20,000Hz.

“By integrating the amplifier inside each cabinet, we are fulfilling an important requirement and offering coherent and fully controlled acoustics”, explains Jean Michel Duriez, the VP of Technology at Elipson.

“But the main requirement was to get rid of the wiring. With an aplified speaker you avoid the need for havey wires; the local amplifier can do the job by receiving a small wireless signal.”

They're bundled with PC software for tuning and firmware updates, and are available in either glossy white or black, although custom colours may be ordered from Elipson; the standard system costs between €1000 to €1200 per pair (not including VAT).