Parrot has released the MK6000, the first hands-free mobile phone car kit with streaming audio capability so that users can play MP3 tracks through the car stereo.

To use the MK6000, your car must be running as it's installed on your dashboard. You simply pair your Bluetooth mobile or other MP3 device to it in order to start listening to music.

Features of the new device include "beamforming" technology for "exceptional voice quality" and a new text-to-speech function that will read out load your phone book. Beamforming measures and compares sounds as they're heard by two separate microphones so that it can emphasise the driver's voice while tuning out noise like wind or sirens.

The MK6000 is controlled by a one-button interface that is mounted to the dashboard and controls play, fast forward, and track selection. Voice recognition means that drivers can speak commands to pick up calls, check voicemail, and make calls without having to touch their mobiles. When calls come in, the device mutes the car's stereo, and features a list of contacts up to 8000 names long.

Up to five phones can be paired up to the device. The MK6000 will be available early in 2007 and will cost around £124.