Parrot, a company that sees Bluetooth as the way of the furture, has launched a Bluetooth enabled speaker system that allows you to stream music direct from a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or device and a Bluetooth picture frame to share your images.

The Parrot SOUND SYSTEM is a network of wireless speakers that can be connected to all an Bluetooth enabled device and features a digital Hi-Fi built into two speakers, as well as a 32-bit 208MHz processor, an MP3 and SBC decoder, a class-D two-channel digital amplifier, a digital graphic equalizer and a digital crossover for separating the mid-bass and treble frequencies.

For the techies out there, the new speakers include the latest version of Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR radio standard, which offers a data rate of 3Mbps.

The wireless photo frame allows you to beam photos to the frame from your mobile phone also via Bluetooth.

According to Parrot the whole process is automatic. The picture is instantly converted to the size of the screen when you place the frame in portrait or landscape fashion.

A sensor ensures that the photos are turned to the right position.

The Parrot PHOTO VIEWER is available in several colours of "Made in Italy" leather and also in bleached oak.

The SOUND SYSTEM will cost £244.99 while the PHOTO VIEWER £156.99, both products will be available sometime this summer.