(Pocket-lint) - Panasonic's multi-room speaker system is called ALL Connected. There are a wide range of products in the family, spanning everything from soundbars to individual speakers. For 2016, the system has expanded and updated, bringing with it additional options to give you more flexibility in how and where you listen to your music.

Besides a range of fairly conventional speakers in the SC-ALL9 and SC-ALL6 - a large and medium speaker that replace the ALL8 and ALL3 - there's the SC-ALL05.

The ALL05 has a unique feature in its waterproofing. Although it's not really designed to be used underwater, the proofing means you can use it outdoors in the rain, or in the bathroom without the worry of water damage.


Although compact, this is a stereo speaker, meaning you'll get a little more definition than you might from a mono speaker. To give this speaker more versatility, it also has a battery that will give you around 6 hours of use, making it perfect for picnics, the garden or ad hoc use around the house. 

For those with a CD collection that's begging to be played, Panasonic has added the SC-ALL7CD to the collection. This larger, flattened player incorporates a CD player, meaning you can play your CDs not only locally, but across your other networked ALL speakers too. 

You can also use the ALL7CD to rip your CDs, storing them on the internal drive and again giving local or network access. These can be ripped for high-res playback, although that will only give you five CDs; opt for MP3 and you'll be able to store up to 25. That means you can keep your essential music ready for easy access.


Within the ALL7CD, which also incorporates a DAB radio and offers USB playback, there are 2x 50kW dome tweeters combined with two twisted acoustic ports, aiming to give you rich, room-filling, sound from its compact form.

Both these interesting additions to the ALL Connected range come with complete multi-room compatibility, so you'll be able to add them into an existing network, or just use them as standalone devices, ready for future expansion.

There's no word yet on price or availability.  

Writing by Chris Hall.